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Jewelry care

Every piece of jewelry from Kolekto is delicate. It’s what makes our pieces beautiful, but it also means that they need a little extra care.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help keep your delicate pieces as beautiful as the first day you tried them on:

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while you’re working out. (Trust us, they don’t need the exercise!)
  • The chemicals in cleaning products, pools, spas, and hot springs are always bad news for fine jewelry — avoid putting your jewelry in contact with any of these.
  • When in doubt, take your jewelry off and store it in a safe place. Just try not to stick it in your back pocket (we’ve certainly heard our share of horror stories).

And a few key tips to keep your gold as shiny as possible:

  • Every once in a while, gently wipe your gold jewelry down with a glasses cleaning cloth — the natural sebum from your skin can cause your jewelry to become duller over time.
  • Be wary of using jewelry polishing cloths (which you may have received in the past with silver jewelry), as they can contain particles that can file off the surface of your gold or stone pieces. We especially don’t recommend using these on gold-plated jewelry.

We love our jewelry like our babies — let’s treat them that way, too!