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Collection: Hello, Kitties by Ryoji Bannai

Hello, Kitties!
Handcarved Wooden Cats by Ryoji Bannai


Ryoji Bannai is a Japanese wood carving artist situated in Saitama Japan. He started his career as a painter, but soon became obsessed with how to create cats in a 3-dimensional way, so his life of wood carving little lifelike cats began. He started by carving out his cats 12 years ago, Eri who just passed away and Matarou. He loved cats and painting since he was a child, so he’s happy that his cat wood carvings are relatable to others. He truly believes that his success of being a wood carving artist is thanks to cats!

All actions of cats are like a piece of art: no matter if they are little gestures, calm poses, or swift movements, they are all beautiful (and adorable!). Ryoji creates his cat wood carving with love, hoping ‘Anyone who loves cats will understand!’  

He believes the warmth and softness of natural wood is perfect for making cats. He’s a popular artist mainly doing exhibitions in Japan, so this is his first show in the United States. He hopes that San Franciscans can feel his love of cats through all of his art pieces. 

Please enjoy Ryoji’s world of these little palm-sized cats!

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