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Collection: Angela Windin 'Spring Forward' Art Show

Angela Windin is a local Bernal Heights artist who recently relocated her studio from the dining room table to the basement (for utilitarian purposes).  Her work has been exhibited at local galleries and art associations across the Bay Area. 

Since childhood, Angela obsessively loved animals, explosive color and the hypnotic effect of pattern. But as she grew older, she slowly forgot her youthful joy…until she picked up a paint brush.  She immediately began mashing all three of her favorite elements together and enjoyed the renewed optimism that came from what she created. Painting became an outlet to remembering and helping others to remember that joy is always there, we simply need to look for it.

The “Spring Forward” series was created to embody the essence of new beginnings: budding flowers, verdant meadows and fresh starts.  A time to reflect on years past and plant seeds for new growth. Many of the pieces integrate a modern take on traditional Japanese patterns representing quiet strength, good fortune and harmony.

All paintings can be picked up in our Hayes Valley store, or can be shipped to you through Fedex priority service. There will be a fixed shipping and handling fee of $25 for all artwork.

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