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Collection: Hello Fluffy - Japanese felt animals

Hello Fluffy

Fluffy Nomoto is a Japanese felt artist who create felt animals, while being an instructor in professional colleges in Tokyo. As a huge fan of animals since her young age, it was Fluffy’s dream to work with animals. After graduating from an animal related professional training college, she worked at a veterinarian clinic as a nurse and a trimmer. Inspired by the adorable animals she met at work every day, she started to create felt animals as a hobby, but it quickly grew into something bigger.

Fluffy puts a lot of time and effort into each of her pieces, ensuring every detail is well thought through. She uses a tougher wool for dogs with coarse coat such as terriers. When she can’t find the color that matches her need, she dyes the wool herself with natural materials. She often gives her pieces a final touch with the professional trimming scissors that she used when she was a professional trimmer. Every piece is made with care and love, just like how she treats all her beloved animals.

Creating something “simple, yet leaves a good impression” is her goal when handcrafting each animal. Each animal might be small, but they leave anyone who sees it with a heartwarming feeling. 

Hello Fluffy, it was nice seeing you in Kolekto!. 

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